"I must also give the city its due: it is certainly the richest, most varied and manifold German city with regard to its social activity. One would never find anywhere more women who receive guests, with the exception of Paris.“


In the early 19th century, a flourishing „salon life“ prevailed in the bourgeois homes of European cities: people from different areas congregated in „literary salons“ and exchanged ideas. Berlin revelled in particular in the soirées hosted by Rahel Varnhagen, who until 1827 held them at Französische Strasse 20: Wilhelm von Humboldt, August Wilhelm Schlegel, Prinz Louis Ferdinand von Preussen, the Mendelssohn family, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, and Heinrich Heine were among Rahel Varnhagen‘s famous guests and valued their salons.

Only a couple of houses down the street is a new townhouse with spacious salon apartments, in which the salon concept with its private soirées, house concerts, and other receptions, finds a new stage: the Palais Varnhagen.